Our First Friendsgiving

Classes are over, final projects are winding down, and the holidays are upon us. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

Holidays can get a little lonely when you’re used to huge family gatherings. It’s simply not within our budget to fly home for the holidays. Also, it’s hard to travel with pets and find sitters. So, needless to say, this is our first time celebrating the holidays on our own.

I’m very grateful for the community and camaraderie I’ve encountered at HGSE.  Even though we’re far from home, we’ve been able to get together with friends and feel like we’re with family.

Today was our first Friendsgiving, and it was amazing. Pretty much everything was made from scratch and quite delicious. It was our friends’ first Thanksgiving and first time hosting, and I’d say it was a success.

(I would have taken more pictures of the food but I was eager to eat it.)

When we drove home, it started snowing. We were reflecting on how crazy it is that we are here. It still feels very surreal.

I’m thankful for our family back home, but also for the family I’ve found here. I’m thankful to be with someone who supports me and my crazy dreams, and doesn’t think twice about leaving everything we know in search of a grand adventure. Even more important, that he doesn’t think twice about staying when things don’t go as planned. I’m thankful for my fuzzbutts as well, even if they sometimes chew up my favorite things. I’m grateful to be alive and to be able to have these experiences.

(that’s not a pimple on his nose, by the way! I’m not sure what that is because there’s nothing on his nose!)

Hope you all had happy holidays as well!

(My brother got me this awesome cat sweater and I love it.)


One thought on “Our First Friendsgiving

  1. This adventure will not easily be forgotten and you describe it so well.
    I’m glad you found friends to share with and even driving home in the snow
    Is part of the picture. You have much to be thankful for.


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