A Remix Project

One of our assignments for our T550 class was to create a remix. There weren’t many parameters around it so I just decided to make something fun and wacky using Popcorn Maker, a web app that allows you to combine content from across the web.

I made a music video for 1-800-Zombie’s “I’m a Unicorn” song. I thought the following video was their original music video, but it looks like it’s actually a fan made video:

It’s not yet possible (that I know of) to embed Popcorn Maker content into wordpress, but this is the link to my remix.

I learned how to make gifs the other day at my internship, which was super awesome. I’m kind of obsessed now. I made some gifs from parts of the existing fan video:


To those back home: Yes, I am actually at Harvard.

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