T509 Project Update – EdTechTeacher

Bobbi, Valerie, and I are working with EdTechTeacher to design a self-paced online learning experience using their existing assets. (There are actually 6 of us working with ETT, but it made more sense to divide into two smaller groups for ease of scheduling meetings. Patrick, Karen, and Allison are also working on this project.)

We met Justin (who co-founded ETT) to gain a better understanding of ETT and what the goal of this self-paced experience was. We also had a Google Hangout with Beth Holland, who is a communications coordinator and instructor at ETT, and came away with a much better idea of how to go about this project. Initially, we were incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of material we had to work with, and had no idea where to begin. She suggested to narrow our scope and focus on a particular topic (e.g. assessment, real-time discussions) or specific tool. She also asked that each group work on a different topic/area so that ETT could have two different sets of materials.

Bobbi, Valerie, and I decided we wanted to focus on assessment. However, this in itself is still a pretty large topic, so we might end up focusing on a particular type of assessment, or on specific assessment tools. We decided there were a million ways we could go about this but we wanted to first gain some user input to guide our project. We want this to be an experience teachers will actually benefit from. We know plenty of teachers, and so we have decided we are first going to start with a user survey to see if there are any particular needs teachers have around technology and assessment. We plan on administering the survey this week. After we gain some data, that will help narrow our project focus and objectives.

In the meantime, we are going through all of ETT’s assets and gathering/categorizing the ones about assessment. This will make it easier when it comes to putting this experience together. Right now we are leaning toward using Google Sites to create our project.

We are using Trello and Google Docs to organize ourselves. I would highly recommend Trello – it makes project management extremely easy, as you can keep track of who is doing what. You create tasks and then you drag and drop them as they’re being completed.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 4.29.43 PM

I’m really excited about this project and to be working with such awesome people.


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