Exploring Salem

Today I finally got to explore Salem, which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated by these sorts of things, and I remember reading about Salem and really wanting to go there.

Granted, as a kid, I didn’t fully understand the entire scope of the Salem Witch Trials and how just about anyone could be accused of witchcraft and subsequently killed. I kinda just focused on the word “witches” and in my head I pictured the witches from various story books and films I had seen.

It was really neat getting to explore some of Salem’s history. I definitely want to go back, as I felt one day was not enough to see it all. I find it really fascinating that the town seems to have revamped itself. The very thing that was once hated – witchcraft – now seems a big part of the town culture. I suppose some of it is due to tourism, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. They have so many events going on – I would recommend going if you can!

One thing I always like to do when I go to these types of places is get a photograph of my aura. I don’t know if there’s been much scientific research about the credibility or validity about Kirlian photography – I just think it’s really pretty. So that’s mainly why I get them, but I still think it’s fun to try and analyze them. =)

This is a photograph I had taken last year:


This was today’s!


The blues suggest I have more tranquility in my life, which is definitely true!

Walking around the town and seeing all the interesting shops brought back some of my own memories as a kid. I’ve always had an interest in the occult. When I was 12, I actually considered becoming a parapsychologist because I wanted to research unexplained phenomenon for a living. As I got older, though, it became apparent that wasn’t really a viable career option – way too many parapsychologists, not enough funding/credibility etc. So, researching these kinds of things ended up becoming more of a hobby. I remember amateur ghost hunting with a tape recorder through graveyards, trying to see if I could pick up anything from the “other side.” I remember going to the library and checking out books about ESP, trying to develop my own “powers.” I even remember trying to do my own “spells.”

In some ways, I guess it runs in the family. I remember visiting family in Mexico, and how my uncle tried to help me and my cousins develop our “third eye” by blindfolding us and giving us picture books to “read” with our hands. My uncle and cousin are both metaphysicians. My aunt has a metaphysical shop and sells crystals and does readings. She used to hold seances but eventually stopped. Sometimes weird things would happen. I guess you could say I’m pretty open minded about these sorts of things, and am always interested in trying to figure out explanations.

On a deeper level, though, I think maybe it was another way I tried to cope with my environment. I didn’t yet fully understand things like schizophrenia or erratic mood swings, and how those things could be exacerbated by alcohol and drugs. To me, my stepdad was “possessed” – and I wanted to build up my own arsenal of protection.

I mean, that’s really what happened in Salem – little girls started exhibiting strange behavior, and since there was no explanation, witchcraft made sense. So, this fear cripples an entire town and accusations are coming left and right. Only their idea of protection was killing these “witches”. What’s even scarier is that things like this still happen today – it was only a few years ago that we heard reports about Africa’s “witch” children being killed.

It makes me wonder about the role of education. How do you stop these types of things from happening?


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