The Freedom Trail

Yesterday David and I took the dogs out to explore the Freedom Trail. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to bring the dogs. We didn’t realize much of the trail went through the city. There were tons of people and our dogs were getting overwhelmed.

(Side note: If you ever see a dog and you want to pet it, you shouldn’t reach out to pet it, even if it looks friendly. You should first ask the owners if he or she is friendly, and then put your hand out so the dog can smell you. Some dogs, especially rescue dogs, are a little weary of human contact and might react aggressively (barking or growling) if you just bring your hand toward them. Just thought I put it out there as this is something I noticed on our journey today – people just reaching out to try and pet our dogs.)

We didn’t end up doing the whole trail – we went up to the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground and turned around. We were exhausted, and so were the pups.

It was still a fun experience. It was great to see how Boston has built itself around these important historical sites. I’m also happy we’re getting to know our surroundings, little by little. We will definitely be exploring the other parts of the trail soon.


3 thoughts on “The Freedom Trail

  1. Your photos are great. We thought it was so exciting being where so much of our history took place. If you have time, drive through the Berkshire Hills to get some beautiful views of the fall colors.


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