T509: Participation Rubric Draft

T509- Massive: Online Network Participation Rubric

(Draft: Sept 17; Revision: October 8)

Personal Compass: I would like to learn how to evaluate MOOCs and other large-scale learning environments, and identify the characteristics that make those spaces successful. I would like to build my skills in constructing content/design for these spaces.

Participation Commitments:

  • I will explore and share 1 interesting massive space a week via Twitter.
  • I will write 2 blog posts a month sharing my exploration of one of the course themes

Participation Rubric

Describe a few criteria that you’d like to evaluate yourself on, and be evaluated on by the instructional team. Define what it would look like if you met your personal expectations, if you fell short, and if you did totally awesome. While some of these metrics may be quantitative (I will do X at least Y times), most should qualitatively describe your desired learning and impact. (While there are 5 rows and 3 columns below, feel free to modify this general outline to suit your purposes.)

Criteria Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Underperforms Expectation
1 weekly tweet about a massive space Tweet link to space + short explanation of what it is/why it’s neat Tweet the link to space with no explanation about it No tweets
2 monthly blog posts about course themes (e.g. blended learning, connectivism, MOOCs) 2+ very detailed posts with multimedia that explain my experience with the theme/space 2 personal posts that explain my process/exploration of each theme/space No blogging

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