Tinkering and Things

I find myself falling into a manageable routine now. I’m so happy and proud of myself for keeping up with readings, projects, and also going to the gym. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve actually got a handle on things. It’s a great feeling.

Today I started my new internship, and so far I really love the environment I’m in. It’s a really collaborative and creative space, and my colleagues are awesome. I also like that I’m getting to see the iterative process in action. There are some upcoming revisions in Scratch, and it’s great to see what goes on behind the scenes and the design thinking that goes into these revisions.

One of my first projects is to help standardize the current system and update existing content on the Scratch website. Once it is standardized, I will be creating new content for the website.

In my Designing for Learning by creating class, we’ve been creating design journals and physical models of constructionism. It was an interesting project assignment because our professor gave us intentionally vague instructions. The only instructions were to make visible the elements of constructionism. In some way, I feel the assignment was given so that we could engage in constructionism ourselves. We are each creating our own model of a constructionist learning environment based on our own ideas. I created tangible colored shapes out of cardboard and duct tape. To me, constructionism is all about creative experimentation. I remembered playing with colored blocks as a kid and building various things. There weren’t any instructions, and that was okay. I learned by experimenting with the different shapes.  Tomorrow we’re going to be able to explore each others’ models, and I’m interested to see how people will interpret mine.

photo 2photo 1

I just found out that I will be paired up with EdTechTeacher for my partner project in my Massive course. I’m not sure of the specifics yet, but according to the original description, I will be working with other students to create a structured self-paced online learning experience about technology for educators. Tomorrow I’m going to find out more details. I’m excited!

In my other classes, I’ve been learning how to create wire frames, prototypes, and social graphs. I don’t know if I will become a master of all of these applications by the end of this year, but I will at least have familiarity and be comfortable with using a wide range of tools. One thing I’m wondering throughout this experience is whether it’s better to specialize in one or two things, or if I am better off doing what I’m doing – learning the basics of many things, and then building specific expertise as needed.

In other news, the weather here is starting to get colder, and I’m realizing I need to shop for winter weather clothes sooner rather than later…


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