T509: Personal Learning Compass

Write a statement describing your personal compass for this course [T509: Massive]. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you do it? How will you know that you have succeeded?

I am taking this course with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of massive online open environments, blended learning, and intelligent tutors. I am very interested in learning what roles these spaces have in education. Specifically, I would like to learn how to evaluate these tools and develop a criteria of what makes a successful massive learning platform. I am hoping to take what I learn from this course and apply it to my future work as an educator, whether it is creating content for widespread users or identifying useful resources for others.

I am really looking forward to the partner projects. I feel that working side-by-side with current professionals in the field will give me the hands-on experience I need to continue developing understanding of these spaces. Additionally, by keeping up with the course readings and engaging in discussions with others, I will continue to push my learning in this area.

I will know I have succeeded when I can critically critique different massive platforms, and be able to back up my assertions with research. Additionally, I hope to develop (or find) some kind of rubric to evaluate these spaces, and plan out my own ideas for a space where I can effectively distribute content on a massive scale. Lastly, I’d also like to be able to engage in a conversation with people who may not be familiar with these topics, and be able to explain them thoroughly.


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