It’s only week 2?!

Time seems to be flying by so quickly. It’s only my second week of classes and I already feel like I’m entrenched so deeply into various projects.

The first exciting piece of news is that I got the internship I wanted! I’m going to be a Learning Resources Developer for the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab! I will be developing and designing online resources and tutorials for Scratch. I am insanely excited about this! The other great thing is that in addition to getting school credit, I will also be getting paid!

On Monday I went to my data science class, which I absolutely loved! Data visualization is an area I had always been intrigued by but had never really ventured in. I am starting to get a better idea of what this field is, and how it can be applied to various disciplines, education included. The class was very hands-on, and we used Tableau to visualize some data. It’s this learning analytic software that will take your existing spreadsheets, and then you can use various tools to visualize it – graphs, maps, bubbles etc. It was so awesome. It really has me thinking about data/information in new ways. I’m really excited about that class.

Every week is truly an adventure here. I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely LOVE my classes. I feel appropriately challenged and engaged. I also love the general HGSE community. I feel like we are a huge family that takes care of each other. On one occasion I mentioned my worry that I didn’t pack a snack to hold me over, and one of my classmates handed me two granola bars. When I mentioned I had a headache, another had Advil available. It’s just an amazing feeling to be part of such a caring cohort.

I’m doing my best to take advantage of the time I have here. When I first applied to this program, I was like, “Wow, it’s only a year – that’s awesome!” Now, I feel myself wishing I could be here longer. But who knows, I might feel differently during the winter or as projects pile on.

I just feel so incredibly happy to be here right now.




2 thoughts on “It’s only week 2?!

  1. I love reading your enthusiastic notes about this grand endeavor. So happy for your good fortune to have this Harvard experience. Go America Go! Jan

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